the episcopal diocese of atlanta

Bearings Bike Shop

We’re inside Bearings Bike Shop in Adair Park, a neighborhood in southwest Atlanta nestled beside elevated MARTA tracks. This area saw one of the highest foreclosure rates in the city of Atlanta when the giant real estate bubble burst. 

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Sparta Imperial Mushrooms

As in many small towns across the South, the prospects for economic upward mobility or even stability for locals here seems to have stalled and withered on the vine over time — ever since cotton’s reign as king ended following the Civil War and the arrival of the boll weevil in Georgia around 1915.

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St. Gabriels

Last year Samuel Porras was focused on a career as an insurance adjuster and on his family. This May, he was welcomed as a priest to the Diocese of Atlanta. He now offers services in Spanish and an open door for spiritual growth for a fast-growing congregation in north Georgia — in a sense, creating a new kind of family.

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Love Beyond Walls

It all started on a low day for Terence and Cecilia Lester about 10 years ago. Young, newly married, trying to get their foothold in life — they were feeling a little down. But then Terence had an idea to flip the situation, get themselves out of the house and lift their spirits: “Why don’t we serve someone who has less than us?”

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