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Brothers and Sisters,

This year’s edition of Pathways echoes a part of our Diocesan Statement: “We challenge ourselves... to love like Jesus...” We know that God’s love inspires, heals, humbles, compels, penetrates, buoys, changes, instructs, and challenges us.

Before we can ask the world to worship joyfully, serve compassionately, and grow spiritually, it seems right and useful to first consider how we might challenge ourselves to grow in the love that Jesus taught and embodied. This is an invitation to all of us to look upward and inward as we prepare to live our faith outward as individuals and members of congregations and a diocese.

Doing so is a deeply personal journey — asking ourselves, just how does our current reality square with what Jesus said? What he taught. How he loved.

In this day and time, love is in need of love. Let us consider that Jesus’ love can be a ringing alarm for our selfish sleep. It seems to call out to us, without condemning. Calls for us to prioritize just and fair behavior. We must ask ourselves as people of faith, what is right? Right that transcends title, station, gender, pedigree, religious tradition, age, or ethnicity. Jesus invites us to join him as partners in his love enterprise.

This year, we ask ourselves, How can we bring our whole selves — the blessings and the blemishes — to do this important work? Transformational work. So we take a journey, shine a light on some of the most difficult moral questions of the day. We learn from those taking a stand. We invite reflection on what we have known to be true. Open ourselves to others’ perspectives. We seek, as Dr. Catherine Meeks says in her interview, to see the face of God in every person. Then, let us strive to send our love out, out into the world, accordingly.

What are the ways in which we can and do challenge ourselves to re ect God’s love into the world as Jesus did?

Bishop Robert C. Wright


What is Pathways?

Pathways Magazine is an annual publication of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Through original photography, articles and interviews, Pathways shares inspiring stories from middle and north Georgia – examples of loving like Jesus.