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Sharing. Recognition. Reinvention. Compassion. Community. Innovation. You’ll find these themes woven throughout the stories on the pages of this year’s edition of Pathways. Stories that take place across middle and north Georgia. Stories of people from within the church and from those who are not members — all doing God’s work. Loving like Jesus. Getting their hands dirty. 

As Terence Lester of Love Beyond Walls says, they are stories of walking outside of the walls that confine us and divide us from one another. It’s the walls of our church buildings, racial walls, socioeconomic walls, the walls that close off our own homes from the outside world.

The people featured in these stories, they listened. They watched. And then, they chose to act. Act with love, compassion — with the spirit of recognizing ourselves in others and then giving of ourselves. Giving our best.
Folks like Soumaya Khalifa, who saw a need for sharing and education to promote understanding across faiths and cultures. She and I had a great conversation around God and diversity. Folks like Becky and Tim O’Mara, who are building and strengthening community in Adair Park one bike at a time. Why? Because they know our neighbors’ well-being is deeply tied to our own. And people like Chimen Rogers, who is working to show people who are victims of the sex trade dignity, respect and the possibility of a path to a different way of life.

I am inspired and intrigued by the people who were kind enough to share a glimpse of their lives, their work, their passion. And I hope you find inspiration to reflect upon ways (big and small) in which you can share Jesus’ love. I hope too that you gain a renewed sense that each one of us can make an impact. Because we can.

Bishop Robert C. Wright


What is Pathways?

Pathways Magazine is an annual publication of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Through original photography, articles and interviews, Pathways shares inspiring stories from middle and north Georgia – examples of loving like Jesus.